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2017-18 78PYC Basketball Academy Pony League Welcome Letter & Schedule

Hi Parents,

The Pony League season begins this weekend!

We are excited to be able to continue this modified recreational basketball division for 7 & 8 year olds as part of our 78PYC Basketball Academy which allows younger players to begin to experience competitive games against other teams.

Teams are run by our professional instructors, however, we are looking for parents to be actively involved with this program and for each team to end up with a parent head coach or co-coaches for the games. Please let your coach know if you are willing to help coach during the season.

During the games, the coaches will be instructing as needed. This is a great opportunity for parents to also pick up coaching skills in preparation for our Freshman division basketball season next year (for current 8 year olds).

The season is split into 2 parts. The first part consists of three weeks of individual team practices where players work on skills and drills and scrimmaging to prepare for game play. The second part of the season is where the players put what they’ve learned into action, on the court, against other teams in the division. The season concludes with playoffs, the semi-final winners will play in the Pony League finals during our rec basketball championship day.

What You Need to Know


Sessions are held on Sundays and are 90-minutes long. Please click this Rosters link to see which team your child is on and this Schedules link to see when your child will be playing. During the season any changes to the schedule will be announced via email and posted on our Schedules webpage.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the session so we can begin on time. It is very rare that a session will be cancelled. However, there are times when the Principal asks to use the gym, so should that result in a cancellation you will be contacted by email. We do not offer refunds for situations outside our control.


  • PS 133, 610 Baltic St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, Corner of 4th Ave.

What to Wear & Bring:
We will provide a jersey for each player. Please have your child wear sneakers and pocketless shorts or sweatpants. Do not bring a ball, we will provide all the necessary equipment. Please bring only water or vitamin water, no sugary or caffeinated drinks.

Food, Drinks and Rest:
Please make sure you child is fed at least an hour before the session. We do not allow food to be eaten during the session. Please provide water or vitamin water, no sugary drinks will be allowed. Also, please make sure your child is well rested before their session. Understanding proper diet and sleep is an important part of our program and will be discussed by the coaches.

***Food is prohibited in the gyms by the NYC DOE and bringing food into the gym and leaving trash in the gym puts our permits at risk. Please help us by not bringing food into the gym and cleaning up any debris when you leave.***

Parents and Players Responsibilities

Parents Must Assist:
We expect all parents to help. Although we will have professionals running all the sessions, they will still require assistance. You may be asked to assist at every session. Please do so.

Parent Attendance:
We expect someone to attend or be responsible for your child at every session. Parents or those responsible for your child who are not assisting the coach may leave the gym during the session but must return at least 15 minutes prior to the end of the session and must leave a cell phone number with the coach.

Health and Safety:
Parents must disclose any health issues when registering and to the coaches as they arise. In the event of injury: the parent or person responsible will be asked to take control of the situation. If it is serious and the parent is not present, the parent will be called. If the parent does not respond 911 will be called.

Behavioral Rules:
Players must follow our code of conduct so that the sessions run smoothly and effectively. The rules will be explained at the first session. If a player repeatedly disregards the rules, he or she will first get a time out, then be asked to sit with the parent, and finally removed from the sessions altogether with no refund.

Questions and Issues:
If you have any questions or issues, please hold them until after the session unless it is safety or emergency information that the coach should know. Emails with questions and comments should be sent to

Finally, for your child to reap the most from our session, please spend some time at home working on different aspects of what we will be teaching. The coaches will be giving you suggestions as the season progress. We want all our players to learn and have fun. The best way to accomplish that is through incremental successes. Just as homework is important for success in school, so too is practicing physical skills if you want success and fun on the court.

Thanks for your support!

David Robinson
Director of Fundamentals
78th Precinct Youth Council


These activities are not sponsored or endorsed
by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.
These activities are not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.

Character, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.