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The 78PYC baseball program offers many opportunities to youth players of all ages:

  1. Spring Recreational Teams (co-ed 4-17yo and girls 8-15yo)
  2. Travel Baseball Teams – Brooklyn Bulldogs (8-16yo)
  3. Bulldog Academy Clinics (5-8yo)
  4. Camp Bulldogs Summer Day Camp in Prospect Park (5-12yo)

    There are two other areas of interest relating to our baseball program:

  5. Sports Internships Jobs for our teenagers (13 and older). Opportunities for them to become umpires for the games of our 5-8 year olds and undertake operations jobs for either pay or community service credits.
  6. Great special events that include the Opening Day Parade down 7th Avenue, Cyclones games in late June, and a Mets or Yankees game in May or June. Information about these events are communicated via email and postings on our website.


TEAM/LEAGUE PLAY (Spring on the fields)

(Co-ed boys and girls ages 4-17, Girls Softball ages 8-15)


  • To have fun playing baseball and softball by teaching basic skills and strategies (it isn’t fun to play poorly) in a safe and positive environment.
  • To support our coaches by offering player skill training, instruction on how to teach pitching, and drills to advance skills and strategies.

Registration usually begins in early December from this website and on-time registration usually ends the third week of January (the specific dates are posted on our site and in our mass emails and community listings). Click on the Register/Pay link to in the header of any page of this site to register and to get more details about the process. Registration is announced by a posting on this site, a mass email to all who have previously registered, and local community postings. To register for all our programs and events and to receive an email notice, you must have opened an account in our registration system (which is new as of December, 2013).

Season: The season usually begins the first weekend of April and ends Father’s Day weekend in June (although the Pony, Freshmen and Colts divisions may extend to the last weekend of June for their tournaments). All divisions participate in a season-end tournament except for the 5-7 year olds (Pee Wees, Rookies and Lions).

Try Outs and Placement: There are no tryouts or evaluations for the recreational program. As long as we have enough coaches, all players who register on time will be placed on a team. Players are given the option to choose a specific recreation team when registering. The selection, however, is not guaranteed because there is a limit to the number of players we can place on a team and sometimes the requests exceed that limit. If a player does not choose a team, the Commissioner makes the placement. Coaches may make trades upon the approval of the Commissioner. We will place all who register on-time for a recreation team as long as there are enough coaches. Late registrants run the risk of not being placed. Coaches are volunteer parents.

Trying Out for a Travel (Bulldogs) Baseball Team:

Click for more info about the Bulldogs.

In addition, for those players trying out for a Bulldog travel baseball team, please consider the following:

To try out for a Bulldog team, a player must complete a no-fee registration sometime in late November. The tryouts are usually in December for players who were not on a Bulldog team the immediately preceding year which is announced by mass email, posting on this site and community listings. The tryouts continue in early January for players who were called back from December tryouts and those who played on Bulldog teams the immediately preceding year. Bulldog teams are usually selected mid-to-end of January. Players must try out and be selected to a Bulldog teams regardless of whether they were on a Bulldog team the prior year. Prior years’ play on a Bulldog team does not guarantee placement.

Since Bulldog teams are not chosen when on-time recreational baseball registration ends, players are strongly urged to register for a recreational team on-time and choose a team when doing so. If chosen to a Bulldog team, the recreational fee will be credited to the Bulldog fee. You should not wait to hear from the Bulldogs to make that selection as the team you would want may have filled.

Playing outside a child’s proper age group (playing up or down) is allowed only in exceptional circumstances and upon the discretionary approval of the director. Teams 9 years and older, play the Prospect Park Baseball Association league where permission to play down must also be obtained from that board. (Click here for our policy relating to player’s who request to play in either younger or older divisions)

Team Assignment: Players learn what teams they will be on from their coaches. At a pre-season coaches’ meeting in March, the coaches are given all the contact information we receive from the registrations. The coaches are instructed to immediately call the players and to welcome them and to tell when the first team meeting will be.

78PYC Divisions Playing in the 78PYC League (Co-ed):

Pee Wee
Mature 4s and 5 year olds (coach pitching (underhand allowed) at 15’, bases at 40’)
Rookies 6 year olds (coach pitching (underhand allowed) at 15’, bases at 40’)
Lions 7 year olds (coach pitching (overhand required) at 15’, bases at 40’)
Ponys 8 year olds (player pitching at 33’, bases at 50’)

78PYC Divisions Playing in the Prospect Park Baseball Association (Co-ed) League:

Cubs 9 & 10 year olds (stealing when the catcher has control of the ball; pitching at 43’, bases at 60’)
Bantam 11 & 12 year olds (stealing when the ball passes the batter: pitching at 47.5’, bases at 70’)
Super Bantam 12 & 13 year olds (major league rules, except pitching at 54’, bases at 80’)
Grasshopper 13, 14 & 15 year olds (major league rules)
Freshmen 16 & 17 year olds (major league rules)

Girls’ Softball:

Mustangs 8, 9 & 10 year olds (no stealing: pitching at 28’, bases at 50’)
Broncos 11 & 12 year olds (stealing when the catcher has control of the ball; dimension: pitching at 28’, bases at 50’)
Colts 13, 14, & 15 year olds (steal on release of pitch, pitching at 40’, bases at 60’)


Click for more info about Bulldogs Academy.

  • Pre-season weekend program in local gyms
  • For the younger players (5-8 year olds)
  • 50 minutes classes in multi-week sessions
  • Run by training and fitness professionals, under the direction of professional trainer David Robinson
  • Stresses agility, coordination, muscle development and stamina, and the basic skills of baseball (throwing, catching, running and batting).


Run by 78PYC Director of Baseball Instruction and other instructors (including former high school coaches and former Division 1 college players).

Advanced Batting Instruction by Cyclones/NY Mets Scout at MCU Park

  • Pre-season on the weekends.
  • 50 minute clinics at MCU Park in two sessions of four or five weeks each.
  • Sessions are usually for 8-11 year olds beginning in January.
  • Details are announced by mass email and posting on this website mid-December.

78PYC Advanced Batting Program


  • Weekends in local gyms
  • 30 minute sessions starting at varying times
  • For 8 – 16 year olds
  • Is announced by mass email and posting on this website in January.


  • Weekdays after school in Prospect Park.
  • 30 minute sessions from 4-6pm
  • For 8 – 16 year olds
  • Is announced by mass email and posting on this website in February.

78PYC Advanced Pitching Program

Coach Pitching Training
  • Coaches are given instruction on how to teach pitching at the beginning of the season in March (weather permitting) or early April
Player Pitching Lessons


  • Weekends in local gyms
  • 30 minute sessions starting at varying times
  • For 8 – 16 year olds
  • Is announced by mass email and posting on this website in January.


  • Weekdays after school in Prospect Park.
  • 30 minute sessions from 4-6pm
  • For 8 – 16 year olds
  • Is announced by mass email and posting on this website in February.

For questions, use our contact form and address your message to Baseball or Girls Softball.


These activities are not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.

Character, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.