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Player of the Year


Someone who was the best all-round player on his/her team, who contributed most to the team’s success and exemplified what a Bulldog is in terms of attitude, effort, baseball skills, teamwork, and natural leadership.

2015 Players of the Year

Name Year(s)
Adam Kochman2004 (10Or)
Alexander Bourtin2013 (9Gr)
Anthony Camastro2015 (14Gr)
Anthony Coiro2005 (13Or)
Anthony Hajjer2002 (12Or)
Ben McKenna2014 (Or)
Ben Muchnick2015 (12Gr)
Billy Zitelli1997-98 (12Or)
Brandon Eng2009 (13Or)
Brandon Leftwich2006 (9Or)
Brandon Woo2008 (9Gr), 2009 (10Gr)
Brendan Graham2005 (14Or)
Brian Kronowitz2003 (10Or)
Callan Moss2016 (12Or)
Chris Bittner2006 (14Or)
Chris Hodgens2008 (13Or), 2009 (14Or)
Chris Klein2011 (10Or), 2013 (12Or), 2015 (14Or)
Connor Tam2016 (9Or)
Cooper Nissenbaum2012 (10Gr)
Cory Reyes-Marseil2006 (11Or)
Daniel Berner2002 (9Or)
Daniel Monroe2006 (12Gr)
Darwin Garcia 2000 (14Or)
David Alvarado2004 (14Or)
David Meister2004 (13Or)
Dennis Maddocks2008 (11Or)
Dylan Long 2003 (8Or)
Eamonn Choukrane2013 (9Or), 2014 (10Or)
Elijah Ervin2013 (14Or)
Elliot Macrae-Sadek2012 (11Wh)
Eric Lee2008 (15Or)
Ethan Piros2008(10Or), 2010 (12Gr)
Frank Adams2012 (11Gray)
Gavin Brien2012 (13Or)
George Ragsdale2002 (8Or)
George Ragsdale2003 (9Or)
Giovanni Dingcong2006 (10Or), 2007 (11Or), 2008 (12Or)
Harper Diliberto-Bell2014 (12Or), 2015 (13Or)
Henry Cohen2010 (12Or)
Isaac Morris2012 (12Gr)
Isaac Smith2015 (10Gr)
Isaiah Sakany2004 (9Or)
Ivan Zeaven-Moss2005 (10Or)
Jack Cleary2010 (14Or)
Jackson Quinn2000 (10Or)
Jake Sak2016 (12Gr)
Jake Simpson2011 (12Gr)
Jake Streich-Kest2004 (13Or)
Jalen Robinson2011 (11Gr)
Jamaal Bility2000 (12Or), 2002 (14Or)
James Sheldon2012 (14Or)
James Smith2007 (12Or), 2008 (13Or)
Jason Goldblum2010 (9Gr), 2011 (10Or), 2015 (13Or)
Jerry DeAngelo2001 (14Or)
Jesse Merril2006 (12Or)
Joe Fernando2004 (8Or), 2009 (12Or)
John Hatheway2004 (12Or)
Jonah Nemetz2006 (13Or)
Jonathan Gonzalez2007 (13Or)
Joshua Medintz2012 (10Or), 2013 (11Or)
Justin Radist2011 (9Gr)
Juwon Moore2005 (8Or)
Kevin Heller2003(14Or), 2004 (14Or)
Kevin Yu2010 (9Gr)
Lachlan Rudd2015 (8U)
Lewis Mastrandrea2003 (11Or)
Liam Torres2011(10Gr)
Liam Walsh2012 (9Gr)
Lionel Jensen2004(11Or)
Louise Palmer2008 (12Gr)
Luca Lotito2010 (9Or), 2014 (14Or)
Lucas Hoye2009(9Or), 2010 (10Or), 2013 (13Or)
Luis Sanchez2005 (12Or)
Mac Cooper2014 (11Or)
Mark Maguire2007 (10Or)
Mateo Noto2016 (8U)
Michael Moore2006 (10Gr)
Michael Taormina2009 (12Gr)
Miles Vitarelli2013 (11Gr)
Nicholas Rozar2002 (10Or)
Nick Cardieri2008 (9Or), 2009 (10Or), 2011 (12Or)
Nick Lamattina2007 (12Gr)
Noel Gonzales1999(12Or)
Oliver McCarthy2010 (10Gr)
Oscar Osborne2015 (12Or)
Otto Horiuchi2016 (14 Gr)
Owen Rodgers 2016 (11Or)
Peter Biondo2005 (11Or)
Philip Bernstein2012 (11Or), 2015 (14U Showcase), 2016 (15U Showcase
Philip Seay2003 (12Or)
Rafael Quezada2007 (10Or)
Robert Conway2001 (12Or)
Sam Boorstyn2010 (11Or)
Sean McGloin2004 (10Or)
Sergei Vichnis2013 (10Gr)
Skye Freeman2001 (10Or), 2002 (11Or)
Solly Walsh2012 (9Or), 2013 (10Or)
Solomon Medintz2012 (12Or)
Spencer O'Connell2014 (10Gr)
Theo Gold2014 (10Or), 2015 (11Or), 2016 (13Or)
Thomas Jensen2008 (9Or)
Thomas Sagesse2014 (12Gr)
Tobias Lange2011 (11Or)
Tyler Paull2005 (9Or)
Vincent Rizzo2007 (14Or)
William Hatheway2007 (10Gr), 2011 (13Or)
Xavier Webb2015 (10Or)
Zachary Gee2014 (13Or)
Zach Traussi2016 (14u Showcase)
Zachary Weinschel2015 (9Or), 2016 (10Or)

Past Winners

Class of 2015
Philip Bernstein (14U Showcase)
Chris Klein (14Or)
Anthony Camastro (14Gr)
Jason Goldblum (13Or)
Harper di Liberto-Bell (13Or)
Ben Muchnick (12Gr)
Oscar Osborne (12Or)
Theo Gold (11Or)
Xavier Webb (10Or)
Isaac Smith (10Gr)
Zachary Weinschel (9or)
Lachlan Rubb (8U)
Isaac Smith (10Gr)
Class of 2014
Luca Lotito (14Or)
Zachary Gee (13Or)
Harper Diliberto-Bell (12Or)
Thomas Sagesse (12Gr)
Mac Cooper (11Or)
Eamonn Choukrane (11Or)
Theo Gold (11Or)
Spencer O'Connell (10Gr)
Ben McKenna (9Or)
Class of 2013
Elijah Ervin (14Or)
Lucas Hoye (13Or)
Chris KIein (12Or)
Joshua Medintz (11Or)
Miles Vitarelli (11Gr)
Solly Walsh (10Or)
Sergei Vichnis (10Gr)
Eamonn Choukrane (9Or)
Alexander Bourtin (9Or)
Class of 2012
Gavin Brien (13Or)
James Sheldon (13Gr)
Solomon Medintz (12Or)
Isaac Morris (12Gr)
Philip Bernstein (11Or)
Frank Adams (11Gray)
Elliot Macrae-Sadek (11Wh)
Joshua Medintz (10Or)
Cooper Nissenbaum (10Gr)
Solly Walsh (9Or)
Liam Walsh (9Gr)
Class of 2011
William Hatheway (13Or)
Nick Cardieri (12Or)
Jake Simpson (12Gr)
Tobias Lange (11Or)
Jalen Robinson (11Gr)
Chris Klein (10Or)
Liam Torres (10Gr)
Jason Goldblum (9Or)
Justin Radist (9Gr)
Class of 2010
Jack Cleary (14Or)
Henry Cohen (12Or)
Ethan Piros (12Gr)
Lucas Hoye (10Or)
Sam Boorstyn (10Or)
Oliver McCarthy (10Gr)
Luca Lotito (9Or)
Jason Goldblum (9Gr)
Kevin Yu (9Gr)

Class of 2009
Chris Hodgens (14Or)
Brandon Eng (13Or)
Joe Fernando (12Or)
Michael Taormina (12Gr)
Nick Cardieri (10Or)
Brandon Woo (10Gr)
Lucas Hoye (9Or)
Class of 2008
Eric Lee (15Or)
Chirs Hodgens (13Or)
James Smith (13Or)
Giovanni Dingcong (12Or)
Louise Palmer (12Gr)
Dennis Maddocks (11Or)
Ethan Piros (10Or)
Nick Cardieri (9Or)
Thomas Jensen (9Or)
Brandon Woo (9Gr)
Class of 2007
Vincent Rizzo (14Or)
Jonathan Gonzalez (13Or)
James Smith (12Or)
Nick Lamattina (12Gr)
Giovanni Dingcong (11Or)
Rafael Quezada (10Or)
Mark Maguire (10Or)
William Hatheway (10Gr)
Class of 2006
Chris Bittner (14Or)
Jonah Nemetz (13Or)
Jesse Merril (12Or)
Daniel Monroe (12Gr)
Cory Reyes-Marseil (11Or)
Giovanni Dingcong (10Or)
Michael Moore (10Gr)
Brandon Leftwich (9Or)
Class of 2005
Brendan Graham (14Or)
Anthony Coiro (13Or)
Luis Sanchez (12Or)
Peter Biondo (11Or)
Ivan Zeavin-Moss (10Or)
Tyler Paull (9Or)
Juwon Moore (8Or)
Class of 2004
Kevin Heller (14Or)
David Alvarado (14Or)
David Meister (13Or)
Jake Streich-Kest (13Or)
John Hatheway (12Or)
Lionel Jensen (11Or)
Sean McGloin (10Or)
Adam Kochman (10Or)
Isaiah Sakany (9Or)
Joe Fernando (8Or)
Class of 2003
Kevin Heller (14Or)
Phillip Seay (12Or)
Lewis Mastrandrea (11Or)
Brian Kronowitz (10Or)
George Ragsdale (9Or)
Dylan Long (8Or)
Class of 2002
Jamal Billity (14Or)
Anthony Hajjar (12Or)
Skye Freeman (11Or)
Nicholas Rozar (10Or)
Daniel Berner (9Or)
George Ragsdale (8Or)
Class of 2001
Jerry DeAngelo (14Or)
Robert Conway (12Or)
Skye Freeman (10Or)
Class of 2000
Darwin Garcia (14Or)
Jamaal Bility (12Or)
Jackson Quinn (10Or)
Class of 1999
Noel Gonzales (12Or)
Class of 1998
Billy Zitelli (12Or)
Class of 1997
Billy Zitelli (12Or)
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Character, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.