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Bulldogs Academy – Baseball Clinics for 5-8 Year-olds


The Bulldogs Academy consists of many different baseball training opportunities for coaches, players and parents:

  1. Pony (8yo) Coach Pitching Instructions
  2. Instructional Material
  3. Baseball Fundamentals / Pre-Season Player Clinics
  4. Private and Semi-Private Skills Development Lessons

All activities are constructed and run by our Professional Instructors. In charge of the program are David Robinson, Marc Lussier II, and Luis Monell.

Also, see information on Baseball Advanced Instruction.

1. Pony Coaches Pitching Instructions (8yo)

Held on a weekend day in Prospect Park, these sessions are intended to help our Pony division coaches learn how to teach pitching to their players. They occur in March (weather permitting) or April. The dates and locations are announced at the team drafts usually in early March.

2. Instructional Material (All ages)

Over the years we have compiled many resources to assist coaches and parents to help teach all aspects of the game. See the Baseball Instruction page to view and download the PDFs.

3. Bulldogs Academy Baseball Fundamentals / Pre-Season Player Clinics

This program is part of our continuing effort to improve the experience of our players. It is an outgrowth of our coaches’ support programs – programs intended to help our volunteer-parent coaches enjoy their dual role as the parent of a player and team coach, and to impart meaningful lessons to all their players.

These pre-season baseball clinics are run by our professional instructors in local public school gyms on Saturdays and/or Sundays during the off-season to teach basic baseball mechanics and the many physical competencies required for any athletic endeavor (coordination, aerobic conditioning, balance, agility, endurance, flexibility, quickness, muscle stamina, and so on)

Our clinics are structured to provide the building blocks of athleticism and to layer on the core baseball skills, while the kids are having fun and building confidence and self-esteem. Through the use of fun drills and games, the clinics will teach skills that apply to all athletic endeavors – balance, weight transfer, gross motor movements, and flexibility. The drill and games will then target baseball-specific actions, such as hand-eye coordination, throwing mechanics, lateral movement, and batting.

For example, players may first be taught stretching exercises to increase hip flexibility, then taught the mechanics of hip rotation, then later shown how hip rotation is essential in batting and throwing, then practicing correct form for batting and throwing.

Indirectly they will learn how to take direction and execute progressively more complicated tasks.  The games will also provide the opportunity to teach strategy, teamwork and healthy competition. (We do not believe in avoiding competition, but rather teaching it in a positive environment where the competition occurs in the context of group competition or competing against one’s previous accomplishments. We do not believe in pitting individuals against individuals at an early age.)

Also stressed will be the importance of rest, proper warm up, proper hydration, a proper diet to attain the body’s proper chemical balances and to avoid obesity, and how to gain mental control through visualization and other proven confidence-building techniques.

The sessions are usually for four or six weeks (50 minutes per week).

Registration is announced by mass email, local community listing, and a listing on our website. Schedules are posted on our website’s Schedules pages.

Registration is through this website (click on the “Register/Pay” option in the header of any page). The clinics are available if listed in the “Active Programs & Events” menu option accessed from the “Register/Pay” option. We suggest you act promptly as these sessions are in high demand and slots fill quickly.

We provide each player with a Bulldogs Academy t-shirt. Children must wear sneakers and bring their own baseball glove. Do not bring balls, we will provide all the necessary equipment.  Please bring only water or vitamin water, no sugary or caffeinated drinks.

Parents and Players Responsibilities:

Parents Must Assist: We expect all parents to help. Although we will have professionals running all the sessions, they will still require assistance. You will be asked to assist at every session. Please do so.

Parent Attendance: We expect someone to attend or be responsible for your child at every session. Parents or those responsible for your child who are not assisting the instructor may leave the gym during the session but must return at least 15 minutes prior to the end of the session and must leave a cell phone number with the instructor.

Health and Safety: Parents must disclose any health and behavioral issues when registering and to the instructors as they arise. In the event of injury: the parent or person responsible will be asked to take control of the situation. If it is serious and the parent is not present, the parent will be called. If the parent does not respond 911 will be called.

Behavioral Rules: Players must follow our code of conduct so that the sessions run smoothly and effectively. The rules will be explained at the first session. If a player repeatedly disregards the rules, he or she will first get a time out, then be asked to sit with the parent, and finally removed from the sessions altogether with no refund.

Finally, for your child to reap the most from our session, please spend some time at home working on different aspects of what we will be teaching. The instructors will be giving you suggestions as the season progress. We want all our players to learn and have fun. The best way to accomplish that is through incremental successes. Just a homework is important for success in school, so too is practicing physical skills if you want success and fun on the court.

4. Private and Semi-Private Skills Development Lessons

Many of the professionals who run our clinics also give independently arranged and run weekly private or semi-private 50 minute lessons. During the winter, the sessions are in local public school gyms on the weekends. During the spring, summer, and fall they are usually in Prospect Park. Lessons cover batting, pitching, fielding (throwing and catching), and playing catcher.

Lessons are announced by email and on our website. Registration is not available through our website. All lessons are independently arranged between you and the instructors. Contact information and lesson sign-up details are contained in the email and website announcement. We suggest you act promptly as these lessons are in high demand and slots fill quickly.

We strongly recommend these lessons. To learn proper mechanics at an early age is invaluable and is essential to building self-confidence, avoiding injuries, and enjoying the game.

For questions, use our contact form and address your message to Bulldogs Academy.

These activities are not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.

Character, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.