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Golden Arm


The team’s reliable pitcher. The one who throws strikes and is cool as a cucumber in high-pressure situations. Makes good hitters look bad. The one you can count on to pull your team through in tight spots. The pitcher you put on the mound against the toughest teams, when you are playing a game you must win.  This award goes to the “go to” pitcher of the team.

2015 Golden Arm Award

Adam Ginsberg2006 (10O), 2007 (11O)
Alex Muchnick2010 (9G), 2011 (10G), 2012 (11Gray), 2013 (12Gr), 2014 (13Or)
Alexander Shube2012 (9Gr)
Andrew Layne2007 (14O)
Anthony Lopez2006 (12O)
Avery Hogue2008 (11O), 2009 (12O)
Ben Muchnick2016 (14Gr)
Ben Sak2016 (12Gr)
Ben Stoopack2013 (11Gr), 2014 (12Gr), 2015 (13Or)
Brandon Woo2011 (12O)
Brendan Walsh2011 (12G), 2012 (13Or)
Brian Kronowitz2005 (12O)
Brooks Pressman2008 (9G), 2009 (10G)
Caleb Kerbs2006 (9O)
Channing Austin2011 (9O)
Charlie Hodgkins2012 (9Or), 2016 (13Or)
Charlie O'Shea2015 (9Or), 2016 (10Or)
Chesley Ratliff2008 (15O)
Chris Hodgens2005 (11O), 2008 (13O)
Chris Perez2007 (12O)
Christopher Klein2012 (11Or)
Connor Haseley2007 (10G)
Damon Rosenberg2010 (12G)
Daniel Kaye2009 (14O)
Daniel Monroe2008 (15O)
Daniel Segan 2008 (12O)
Dennis Maddocks2008 (11O), 2009 (12O)
Dylan Dereskewitz2014 (10Gr)
Dylan Long2005 (10O)
Dylan Wolf Al-Angurli2012 (9Or), 2015 (12Or)
Eamonn Choukrane2016 (12Or)
Eric Lee2006 (13O)
Ethan Piros2007 (10G)
Frank Adams2011 (10O), 2014 (14Or), 2015 (14U Showcase)
Fritz Martel 2014 (11Gr)
Greg Palazzo2006 (14O)
Henry Cohen2009 (10G)
Ian Bardsley2015 (10Or)
Isaac Morris2010 (10G)
Jack Gil2016 (12Gr)
Jack Marooney2009 (13O)
Jackson Mavrides2015 (10Gr), 2016 (10Gr)
Jackson Morris2013 (12Or), 2015 (14U Showcase)
Jake Sake2015 (12Gr)
Jake Smith2006 (10G)
James Moran2010 (14O)
Jared Asch2016 (14U Showcase)
Jason Goldblum2012 (10Or)
Joey Walsh2011 (11O), 2012 (12Gr)
John Cunningham2005 (14O)
Jonathan Lai2013 (9Gr)
Josef Bystrik2011 (13Or), 2012 (14Or)
Jude van Ooyen2015 (8U)
Julian Kudlack2012 (10Or), 2013 (11Or)
Julian Rolof2005 (9O), 2006 (10O), 2007 (11O), 2008 (12O)
Justin Herzfeld2011 (9G), 2014 (12 Or), 2016 (14U Showcase)
Kyle Rowe-Zarba2006 (11O), 2007 (12G)
Lachlan Rudd2016 (9Or)
Logan McGraw2010 (9G)
Lowell Golub2016 (8U)
Luca Trigiani2013 (12Or)
Lucas Hoye2011 (12O), 2014 (14Or)
Mac Cooper2013 (10Or), 2016 (13Or)
Malcom Hubbell2012 (11Wh)
Matthew Horowitz2013 (9Or), 2014 (10Or), 2015 (11Or)
Mark Maguire2007 (10O)
Max Kessler2011 (9O), 2012 (10Or), 2015 (13 Or)
Michael Cuddy2015 (14Or)
Michael Moore2008 (12G), 2009 (13O)
Miles Vitarelli2012 (10Gr)
Nicholas Bonina2012 (10Or)
Nick Rozar2005 (13O)
Oliver McCarthy2012 (12Or)
Oscar Osborne2012 (9Or), 2014 (11Or)
Owen Rodgers2014 (9Or)
Peter Biondo2007 (13O)
Peter Horton2011 (10G)
Philip Bernstein2010 (9O)
Raul Herskovits2013 (10Gr)
Rey Velez2006 (12O)
Robert Berrios2009 (9O)
Sam Boorstyn2008 (9Or), 2009 (10Or), 2011 (12Or), 2012 (13Or)
Sam McBride2011 (12Or), 2012 (12Or), 2013 (13Or)
Sam Pennell2009 (10Or), 2010 (11Or), 2011 (12Or), 2012 (13Or), 2013 (14Or)
Sam Silverman2006 (12G)
Sean Levin2005 (8O)
Sebastian Weinstein2016 (11Or)
Stuart Ross2008 (9O), 2009 (10O)
Thomas Mezzo2014 (12Gr)
Tobias Lange2010 (10O)
Tyler Torres2010 (12O), 2011 (12G)
Vincent Amato2008 (12O)
William Hatheway2008 (10O), 2009 (12G)
Zachary Gee2016 (15U Showcase)

Past Winners

Class of 2015#colspan#

Jackson Morris (14U Showcase)
Frank Adams (14U Showcase)
Michael Cuddy (14Or)
Max Kessler (14Gr)
Ben Stoopack (13Or)
Dylan Wolf Al-Angurli (12Or)
Jake Sak (12Gr)
Matthew Horowitz (11Or)
Ian Bardsley (10Or)
Jackson Mavrides (10Gr)
Charlie O'Shea (9Or)
Jude Van Ooyen (8U)
Class of 2014
Lucas Hoye (14 Or)
Frank Adams (14 Or)
Alex Muchnick (13 Or)
Justin Herzfeld (12 Or)
Ben Stoopack (12 Gr)
Thomas Mezzo (12 Gr)
Oscar Osborne (11Or)
Fritz Martel (11Gr)
Matthew Horowitz (10Or)
Dylan Dereskewitz (10Gr)
Owen Rodgers (9Or)
Class of 2013
Sam Pennell (14Or)
Sam McBride (13Or)
Jackson Morris (12Or)
Luca Trigiani (12Or)
Alex Muchnick (12Gr)
Julian Kudlack (11Or)
Ben Stoopack (11Gr)
Mac Cooper (10Or)
Raoul Herskovits (10Gr)
Matthew Horowitz (9Or)
Jonathan Lai (9Gr)
Class of 2012
Josef Bystrik (14Or)
Sam Boorstyn (13Or)
Sam Pennell (13Or)
Brendan Walsh (13Gr)
Sam McBride (12Or)
Oliver McCarthy (12Or)
Joey Walsh (12Gr)
Christopher Klein (11Or)
Alex Muchnick (11Gray)
Malcolm Hubbell (11Wh)
Nicholas Bonina (10Or)
Jason Goldblum (10Or)
Julian Kudlack (10Or)
Max Kessler (10Or)
Miles Vitarelli (10Gr)
Dylan Wolf Al-Angurli (9Or)
Oscar Osborne (9Or)
Charlie Hodgkins (9Gr)
Alexander Shube (9Gr)
Class of 2011
Josef Bystrik (13Or)
Sam Boorstyn (12Or)
Sam Pennell (12Or)
Brandon woo (12Or)
Brendan Walsh (12Gr)
Joey Walsh (11Or)
Lucas Hoye (11Gr)
Sam McBride (11Gr)
Frank Adams (10Or)
Peter Horton (10Gr)
Alex Muchnick (10Gr)
Channing Austin (9Or)
Max Kessler (9Or)
Justin Herzfeld (9Gr)
Class of 2010
James Moran (14Or)
Tyler Torres (12Or)
Damon Rosenberg (12Gr)
Sam Pennell (11Or)
Tobias Lange (10Or)
Isaac Morris (10Gr)
Philip Bernstein (9Or)
Logan McGraw (9Gr)
Alex Muchnick (9Gr)
Class of 2009
Daniel Kaye (14Or)
Michael Moore (13Or)
Jack Marooney (13Or)
Avery Hogue (12Or)
Dennis Maddocks (12Or)
William Hatheway (12Gr)
Tyler Torres (12Gr)
Sam Boorstyn (10Or)
Sam Pennell (10Or)
Stuart Ross (10Or)
Robert Berrios (9Or)
Class of 2008
Daniel Monroe (15Or)
Chesley Ratliff (15Or)
Chris Hodgens (13Or)
Vicent Amato (12Or)
Julian Rolof (12Or)
Daniel Segan (12Or)
Michael Moore (12Gr)
Dennis Maddocks (11Or)
Avery Hogue (11Or)
Dennis Maddocks (11Or)
William Hatheway (10Or)
Sam Boorstyn (9Or)
Stuart Ross (9Or)
Brooks Pressman (9Gr)
Class of 2007
Andrew Layne (14Or)
Peter Biondo (13Or)
Julian Rolof (12Or)
Chris Perez (12Or)
Kyle Rowe-Zarbz (12Gr)
Adam Ginsberg (11Or)
Julian Rolof (11Or)
Mark Maguire (10Or)
Connor Haseley (10Gr)
Ethan Piros (10Gr)
Class of 2006
Greg Palazzo (14Or)
Eric Lee (13Or)
Rey Velez (12Or)
Anthony Lopez (12Or)
Sam Silverman (12Gr)
Kyle Rowe-Zarba (11Or)
Adam Ginsberg (10Or)
Julian Rolof (10Or)
Jake Smith (10Gr)
Caleb Kerbs (9Or)
Class of 2005
John Cunningham (14Or)
Nick Rozar (13Or)
Brian Kronowitz (12Or)
Chris Hodgens (11Or)
Dylan Long (10Or)
Julian Rolof (9Or)
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