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Golden Bat


This is the premier offensive award that recognizes the player who is the most reliable batter. This player is not necessarily the team’s power hitter but one who makes consistent contact. This award began in 2011, replacing the Most Improved Player award.

2015 Golden Bat

Aidan Lawrence2014 (11Or)
Alex Nobel 2014 (13Or)
Antonio Solimine2012 (12Gr)
Ari Rousakis2013 (9Gr)
Astor Meredith-Gujon2014 (12Gr)
Beili Chou2012 (9Gr)
Benjamin Sak2014 (10Gr)
Callan Moss2012 (9Or), 2013 (10Or), 2015 (11Or)
Channing Austin2012 (10Or), 2013 (11Or), 2014 (12Or), 2015 (13Or)
Chris Klein2014 (14Or), 2015 (14U Showcase)
Colter Diehm2015 (10Gr)
Cooper Nissenbaum2011 (9Gr)
Daniel Luft2012 (14Or)
Demitrius Schwartz2011 (10Gr)
Elijah Abrams-Tweed2012 (11Gray), 2013 (12Or)
Elijah Ervin2011 (12Gr)
Eric Prince2015 (14Gr)
Henry Kaye2011 (11Gr)
Holden Pawlak2015 (9or)
Iravan Bhattacharyya2015 (10Or)
Kevin Yu 2015 (13Or)
Jimmy Fasano2011 (13Or)
Johnston Burke2015 (12Or)
Jonathon Lai2014 (10 Or)
Joshua Medintz2011 (9Or)
Julian Strickland2013 (12Gr)
Kiran Sen2015 (8U)
Liam Springer2012 (12Gr)
Luca Lotito2011 (10Or)
Luca Trigiani2012 (11Or), 2015 (14Or)
Lucas Abrenica2012 (13Or)
Lucas Hoye2012 (12Or)
Manu Herskovits2012 (11White)
Max Bermudez-Deane2011 (9Gr), 2012 (10Gr), 2013 (11Gr)
Max Doninger2015 (8U)
Nate Levine2013 (14Or)
Oliver McCarthy2011 (11Or)
Owen Smith2013 (9Or)
Philip Steckel 2014 (11 Gr)
Player Crosby2014 (9Or)
Simon Boyer2013 (10Gr)
Solomon Canada2015 (14U Showcase)
Spencer O'Connell2015 (12Gr)
Tate Sweeney2013 (13Or)
Travir Grant2011 (12Or)

Past Winners

Class of 2015
Chris Klein (14U Showcase)
Solomon Canada (14U Showcase)
Luca Trigiani (14Or)
Eric Prince (14Gr)
Channing Austin (13Or)
Kevin Yu (13Or)
Johnston Burke (12Or)
Spencer O'Connell (12Gr)
Callan Moss (11Or)
Iravan Bhattacharyya (10Or)
Colter Diehm (10Gr)
Holden Pawlak (9Or)
Kiran Sen (8U)
Max Doninger (8U)
Class of 2014
Chris Klein (14 Or)
Alex Nobel (13 Or)
Joshua Medintz (12 Or)
Channing Austin (12 Or)
Astor Meredith-Gujon (12 Gr)
Aidan Lawrence (11Or)
Philip Steckel (11 Gr)
Jonathon Lai (10 Or)
Benjamin Sak (10Gr)
Player Crosby (9 Or)
Class of 2013
Nate Levine (14Or)
Tate Sweeney (13Or)
Elijah Abrams-Tweed (12Or)
Julian Strickland (12Gr)
Channing Austin (11Or)
Max Bermudez-Deane (11Gr)
Callan Moss (10Or)
Simon Boyer (10Gr)
Owen Smith (9Or)
Ari Rousakis (9Gr)
Class of 2012
Daniel Luft (14Or)
Lucas Abrenica (13Or)
Lucas Hoye (12Or)
Antonio Solimine (12Gr)
Luca Trigiani (11Or)
Elijah Abrams-Tweed (11Gray)
Manu Herskovits (11White)
Channing Austin (10Or)
Max Bermudez-Deane (10Gr)
Callan Moss (9Or)
Beili Chou (9Gr)
Class of 2011
Jimmy Fasano (13Or)
Oliver McCarthy (11Or)
Henry Kaye (11Gr)
Luca Lotito (10Or)
Demitrius Schwartz (10Gr)
Joshua Medintz (9Or)
Max Bermudez-Deane (9Gr)
Cooper Nissenbaum (9Gr)
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