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Marc Lussier Coaches Award


Marc_SmileThis player was the backbone or perhaps spirit of the team. This player has the “can do” attitude and infectious positive energy. This is the player that team would not have been the same without. Teammates and the manager and coaches respected his/her skills and could count on that player being there and giving his/her best at all times. This award is named in honor of Bulldogs founder, Marc Lussier.

2015 Marc S. Lussier Coaches’ Award

Abe Etkin2004 (9Or), 2005 (10Or), 2007 (12Gr)
Aidan Lawrence2013 (10Or)
Adam Ginsberg2005 (9Or)
Adam Kochman2005 (11Or)
Alejandro Maldonado2009 (10Gr), 2011 (11Gr)
Alex Nobel2013 (12Gr)
Alex Wilson2008 (13Or)
Andrew Layne2004 (11Or)
Anthony DeLaRosa2000 (10Or)
Avery Hogue2006 (9Or), 2007 (10Or), 2006 (10Or)
Ben Donnenberg2004 (10Or)
Ben Stoopack2012 (10Gr)
Ben Woloch 2014 (10Gr)
Brandon Leftwich2005 (8Or), 2007 (10Or), 2008 (11Or), 2010 (12Or)
Brandon Woo2010 (11Or)
Brant Sistrom2013 (9Or)
Brendan Cole2008 (10Or)
Brendan Graham2003 (12Or), 2004 (13Or)
Brendan Walsh2011 (11Gr)
Caleb Kerbs2005 (8Or)
Calvin Woodard2006 (12Gr)
Cato Bauer2007 (14Or)
Charlie Morris2015 (12Gr)
Charlie Weisberg2012 (10Gr)
Chris Bittner2005 (13Or)
Chris Hodges2004 (10Or), 2006 (11Or)
Christian Ascierto2011 (10Or)
Christian Denis2012 (14Or)
Christopher DiMatteo2003 (14Or)
Clarence Saintvil2015 (13Or)
Cody Umans2004 (14Or)
Connor Mraz2011 (10Gr)
Damon Rosenberg2013 (14Or)
Daniel Moore2012 (11Gray)
Danny Weiss2008 (15Or)
Dante deBlasio2008 (10Or)
David Colon2001 (10Or), 2004 (13Or), 2005 (14Or)
Dean Ginsberg2003 (14Or)
Declan Dowd2012 (12Gr)
Demitrius Schwartz2012 (11Or)
Dennis Maddocks2006 (9Or)
Dylan Long2008 (13Or)
Elijah Sanabria2009 (14Or)
Emmet Sklar2008 (9Or)
Emmit Sklar2009 (10Or)
Eric Lee2007 (14Or)
Esteban Santos2007 (13Or)
Ethan Piros2011 (13Or)
Evan Sherman2015 (14Gr)
Evan Sinclair2009 (9Or)
Everett Moore2011 (9Gr)
Evrotes Volman-Schwabel2002 (10Or)
Felix Philips2011 (12Gr), 2012 (14Or)
Frances Cole2008 (10Or)
Frankie Sisto2002 (11Or)
Giovann Texiera2004 (11Or)
Giovanni Dingcong2010 (14Or)
Gregory Palazzo2003 (11Or)
Hans Bilger2003 (9Or)
Harper di Liberto-Bell2012 (10Or), 2013 (11Or)
Harrison Dube2006 (12Gr), 2007 (12Gr)
Hayden Magliano2015 (9Or)
Ian Miller2009 (12Or)
Isaac King2014 (12Gr)
Jack Cleary2008 (12Or)
Jack Glassberg2014 (9Or)
Jack McFeely2003 (9Or)
Jackson Hill2008 (9Or)
Jacob Berg2002 (8Or)
Jacob Simpson2012 (13Or)
Jake Smith2008 (12Gr)
Jalen Robinson2009 (9Or)
James Zafiros2015 (10Gr)
Jasper Zeray2013 (9Gr), 2014 (10Or)
Jeremy Trigo2000 (10Or)
Jerry Cruz2007 (13Or)
Jesse Burnham2005 (9Or), 2004 (8Or)
Joaquin Calderon2011 (13Or)
John Cunningham2004 (13Or)
John Fernando2005 (12Or)
John Kahaly2005 (12Or)
Jonathan Lai2015 (11Or)
Josef Bystrik2010 (12Or)
Julian Feller-Cohen2003 (12Or)
Julian Kudlack2011 (9Or), 2014 (12Or)
Julien Strickland2012 (11White), 2014 (13Or)
Julian Rifkind2006 (12Or)
Justin Exum-Crockett2005 (13Or)
Kai Ward2008 (12Or)
Kelvin Sparks2005 (9Or)
Kevin Pimental 2008 (13Or)
Leo Cohen2011 (10Gr)
Liam Walsh2013 (10Gr), 2014 (11Or), 2015 (12Or)
Lionel Jensen2003 (10Or), 2006 (13Or)
Louise Palmer2007 (10Gr), 2009 (12Gr)
Luca Lodewick2015 (10Or)
Luca Lotito2013 (12Or)
Lucas Weisberg2012 (12Gr)
Luke Beaver2015 (12Or)
Luke Todd2001 (10Or)
Malcolm Hubbell2015 (14Or)
Mark Gorelik2008 (10Or)
Mark Maguire2008 (11Or), 2009 (12Or)
Mathew Baldwin2013 (14Gr)
Mathew Mendez2003 (14Or)
Max Kessler2010 (9Gr)
Max Sorkin2012 (9Gr)
Michael Bystrik2013 (11Gr)
Michael deLaRosa2009 (12Or), 2008 (12Gr), 2010 (13Or)
Michael Taormina2007 (10Gr)
Mike Coogan2004 (12Or)
Mike Saverese2002 (14Or)
Miles Ahlgrim 2014 (14Or)
Milo Richards2009 (10Gr), 2011 (12Or)
Milo Sklar2009 (12Or), 2010 (14Or)
Nate Barr2003 (10Or)
Nicholas Hodgkins2015 (9Or)
Nick Cardieri2010 (12Or)
Nick Dulchin2008 (11Or)
Nick Dulchin2009 (12Or)
Nick Fasano2006 (12Gr)
Nick Lammatina2005 (11Or)
Nick Morgan2006 (10Gr), 2007 (12Gr), 2008 (12Gr), 2009 (13Or)
Oliver Dinowitz2007 (10Gr), 2010 (12Or)
Oliver Lieber2014 (11Gr)
Orlando Adorno2004 (9Or), 2005 (10Or), 2006 (11Or), 2007 (12Or)
Owen Gagnon2015 (12Gr)
Owen Maloney2015 (10Gr)
Patrick Kirk2008 (15Or)
Peter Biondo2006 (12Or)
Philip George2004 (13Or)
Robby Marks2002 (9Or)
Ryan Nieves2015 (8U)
Sam Berg2001 (11Or)
Sam Hasty2004 (14Or)
Sam McBride2010 (10Or)
Sam McKenna2012 (9Or)
Sam Perrone2010 (10Gr), 2011 (11Gr)
Sam Peterson2005 (14Or)
Sebastian Weinstein2015 (10Or)
Sergei Vichnis2014 (11Gr)
Seth Pantalony2007 (10Gr), 2009 (12Gr)
Simon Boyer 2014 (11Gr)
Solomon Medintz2009 (9Or), 2011 (11Or)
Tate Sweeney2012 (12Or)
Thomas Gutekunst2000 (11Or)
Timothy Holiday2003 (8Or)
Tobias Lange2013 (13Or)
Tyler Paull2004 (8Or), 2010 (14Or)
Vincent Amato2006 (10Or), 2007 (11Or), 2008 (12Or)
William Hochman2002 (10Or)
William Walker2000 (14Or)
Willie Gillespie2006 (13Or), 2007 (14Or)
Zach Stapelman2002 (12Or)
Zachary Gee2015 (14U Showcase)

Past Winners

Class of 2014
Zachary Gee (14U Showcase)
Malcolm Hubbell (14Or)
Evan Sherman (14Gr)
Clarence Saintvil (13Or)
Liam Walsh (12Or)
Luke Beaver (12Or)
Owen Gagnon (12Gr)
Charlie Morris (12Gr)
Jonathan Lai (11Or)
Luca Lodewick (10Or)
Sebastian Weinstein (10Or)
James Zafiros (10Gr)
Owen Maloney (10Gr)
Hayden Magliano (9Or)
Nicholas Hodgkins (9Or)
Ryan Nieves (8U)
Miles Ahlgrim (14Or)
Julien Strickland (13Or)
Julian Kudlack (12Or)
Isaac King (12Gr)
Liam Walsh (11Or)
Simon Boyer (11Gr)
Sergei Vichnis (11Gr)
Oliver Lieber (11Gr)
Jasper Zeray (10Or)
Ben Woloch (10Gr)
Jack Glassberg (9Or)
Class of 2013
Matthew Baldwin (14Or)
Damon Rosenberg (14Or)
Tobias Lange (13Or)
Luca Lotito (12Or)
Alex Nobel (12Gr)
Harper di Liberto-Bell (11Or)
Michael Bystirk (11Gr)
Aidan Lawrence (10Or)
Liam Walsh (10Gr)
Brant Sistrom (9Or)
Jasper Zeray (9Gr)
Class of 2012
Sam McKenna (9Or)
Max Sorkin (9Gr)
Charlie Weisberg (10Gr)
Ben Stoopack (10Gr)
Harper di Liberto-Bell (10Or)
Demitrius Schwartz (11Or)
Daniel Moore (11Gray)
Julien Strickland (11Wh)
Declan Dowd
Lucas Weisberg (12Gr)
Tate Sweeney (12Or)
Jacob Simpson (13Or)
Christian Denis (14Or)
Felix Phillips (14Or)
Class of 2011
Julian Kudlack (9Or)
Everett Moore (9Gr)
Christian Ascierto (10Or)
Leo Cohen (10Gr)
Connor Mraz (10Gr)
Solomon Medintz (11Or)
Sam Perrone (11Gr)
Milo Richards (12Or)
Felix Phillips (12Gr)
Joaquin Calderon (13Or)
Ethan Piros (13Or)
Class of 2010
Max Kessler (9Gr)
Sam McBride (10Or)
Sam Perrone (10Gr)
Brandon Woo (11Or)
Alejandro Maldonado (11Gr)
Brendan Walsh (11Gr)
Joseph Bystrik (12Or)
Oliver Dinowitz (12Or)
Brandon Leftwich (12Or)
Nick Cardieri (12Or)
Michael de la Rosa (14Or)
Giovanni Dingcong (14Or)
Tyler Paull (14Or)
Milo Sklar (14Or)
Class of 2009
Evan Sinclair (9Or)
Jalen Robinson (9Or) Solomon Medintz (9Or)
Emmitt Sklar (10Or)
Michael de La Rosa (12Or)
Milo Sklar (12Or)
Ian Miller (12Or)
Nick Dulchin (12Or)
Mark Maguir (12Or)
Nick Morgan (13Or)
Elijah Sanabria (14Or)
Milo Richards (10Gr) Alejandro Maldonado (10Gr)
Louise Palmer (12Gr) Seth Pantalony (12Gr)
Class of 2008
Jackson Hill (9Or)
Emmett Sklar (9Or)
Dante deBlasio (10Or) Brendan (10Or)
Frances Cole (10Or)
Mark Gorelik (10Or)
Nick Dulchin (11Or)
Brandon Leftwich (11Or)
Mark Maguire (11Or)
Vincent Amato, Jack Cleary, Kai Ward (12Or)
Michael de la Rosa (12Gr)
Nick Morgan (12Gr)
Jake Smith (12Gr)
Dylan Long (13Or)
Kevin Pimentel (13Or)
Alex Wilson (13Or)
Patrick Kirk (15Or) Danny Weiss (15Or)
Class of 2007
Brandon Leftwich, Avery Hogue (10Or)
Vincent Amato, Jack Cleary (11Or)
Orlando Adorno (12Or)
Jerry Cruz, Esteban Santos (13Or)
Willie Gillespie; Eric Lee, Cato Bauer (14Or)
Oliver Dinowitz, Louise Palmer, Seth Pantalony, Michael Taormina (10Gr)
Harrison Dube, Abe Etkin, Nick Morgan (12Gr)
Class of 2006
Avery Hogue, Dennis Maddocks (9Or)
Vincent Amato, Avery Hogue (10Or)
Nick Morgan (10Gr)
Orlando Adorno & Chris Hodgens (11Or)
Julian Rifkind, Peter Biondo (12Or)
Nick Fasano, Calvin Woodard, Harry Dube (12Gr)
Lionel Jensen, Willie Gillespie (13Or)
Class of 2005
Brandon Leftwich & Caleb Kerbs (8Or)
Kelvin Sparks, Jesse Burnham, Adam Ginsberg (9Or)
Orlando Adorno & Abe Etkin (10Or)
Nick Lammatina & Adam Kochman (11Or)
John Fernando & John Kahaly (12Or)
Justin Exum-Crockett & Chris Bittner (13Or)
David Colon & Sam Peterson (14Or)
Class of 2004
Tyler Paull & Jesse Burnham (8Or)
Abe Etkin & Orlando Adorno (9Or)
Ben Donnenberg & Chris Hodges (10Or)
Giovann Texiera & Andrew Layne (11Or)
Mike Coogan (12Or)
Spring: John Cunningham & Brendan Graham; Summer: Philip George & David Colon (13Or)
Sam Hasty & Cody Umans (14Or)
Class of 2003
Timothy Holiday (8Or)
Hans Bilger & Jack McFeely (9Or)
Nate Barr & Lionel Jensen (10Or)
Gregory Palazzo (11Or)
Brendan Graham & Julian Feller-Cohen (12Or)
Matthew Mendez, Dean Ginsburg & Christopher DiMatte (14Or)
Class of 2002
Jacob Berg (8Or)
Robby Marks (9Or)
Evrotes Volman-Schwabel &William Hochman  (10Or)
Frankie Sisto (11Or)
Zach Stapelman (12Or)
Mike Saverese (14Or)
Class of 2001
Luke Todd & David Colon (10Or)
Sam Berg (11Or)
Class of 2015
Class of 2000
Anthony DeLaRosa & Jeremy Trigo (10Or)
Thomas Gutekunst (11Or)
William Walker (14Or)
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Character, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.