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Sports Internships


  • Like sports and need community service hours?
  • Want to learn the craft of baseball umpiring or flag football refereeing, and make money doing it?
  • Want to help train younger athletes and make a difference in their lives?
  • Interested in what goes on behind the scenes in a sports organization?


For teens considering a future in sports—or just looking for part-time work and community service opportunities — we now offer hands-on sports management experience for reliable, responsible teenagers 13 and older. Volunteer and paid jobs are available throughout the year (to support our baseball, basketball, and flag football programs), with eligibility based on age, experience, and commitment to the program. With support from local parents and an advisory board of sports industry professionals, our goal is to give teens a chance to give back to their community while earning the experience that will be helpful in pursuing a career in the business of sports.

People in Management fuel today’s sports industry: those who run leagues, broadcast games, work with sponsors, represent players, write sports columns, maintain the stats, and everything in between. Most colleges offer courses in Sports Management. Over 200 universities also offer majors in Sports Management (including NYU, Ithaca College, NC State, Notre Dame, St. Johns, Syracuse, and the Universities of Texas, Georgia, Miami, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Delaware), with programs that bridge a love of sports with studies in economics, psychology, law, communications, and marketing. Business savvy and education get many in the door, but top ranked programs agree that successful careers start with experience—volunteer work with a high-school school team or a local league. That’s where we can help.

As one of the country’s largest independent youth sports organizations, we are involved in many of the same activities as most other sports businesses. As a result we can offer unique opportunities to learn about the business of sports while learning business skills that can translate into careers in journalism, photography, data and website management, fitness training, officiating, television and radio production, and more. The valuable experiences gained by working for us and attending our Positive Coaching seminars can be translated into recommendations, references, and community service credits while at the same building a resume of basic credentials that can lead to an exciting career. And most of all, working with our program will help teens build confidence, sharpen their organizational skills, test career concepts, and learn how to be responsible, accountable members of the community. A list of the jobs and access to the application is below.


  1. Community Service Work Gets Priority: Because we are committed to supporting our school’s community service requirement, those who will be working for us to obtain school community credit will be given priority.
  2. Community Service Credit or Pay: Someone receiving pay for work for us cannot also receive community service credit for the same hours. However, jobs can be divided so that part of the hours are for community service and part for pay.
  3. Flexibility in Job Assignments: All jobs are rated for Junior and/or Senior interns. Junior interns are 13 and 14 year olds; Senior interns are 15 years old and older. Those jobs that specifically say that being a Senior Intern is a requirement cannot be filled by a Junior Intern without special permission from that sport’s commissioner.
  4. Commissioner Approval: All assignments must be approved in advance by the commissioner of the particular sport.


These activities are not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.

Character, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.